Winners of the White Christmas Challenge

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I have been very happy to see all those great entries coming from every part of the world in the first recipe challenge organized on Very Good Recipes, the White Christmas Challenge !

The White Christmas theme was chosen by the members of the very nice and kind food bloggers who volunteered to be judges for this first challenge:

I'm now organizing the February challenge, please let me know if you would like to be one of the judges :

Many food bloggers liked the White Christmas theme, and if we count the recipes from the judges too, there were more than 70 recipes participating in the challenge!

It was obviously a difficult task to judge so many beautiful and appetizing entries, but here are the recipes that the judges preferred:

1st place

My Magical Gingerbread Boxes! Look at
My Magical Gingerbread Boxes
By Jessie-CookingMoments

2nd place

White Chocolate and Gingerbread Cheesecake – White Christmas Theme
White Chocolate and Gingerbread Cheesecake – White Christmas Theme
By Naked Plate

3rd place

White Chocolate Truffles
White Chocolate Truffles
By The Hedonista - Recipes

4th place

Casetta di pan di zenzero...(gingerbread house)
Casetta di pan di zenzero...(gingerbread house)
By Bubbule in cucina

5th place

By briciole

Congratulations to all the winners! Each of them will receive some of the wonderful spices from our sponsor Savory Spice Shop!

I can't say how grateful I am to the judges without whom this first challenge would not have been possible, and of course wouldn't have been so successfull too! Thank you very much for all your help, your great ideas, your energy and your great initiatives!

And of course thanks a lot to our very generous sponsor Savory Spice Shop who kindly offered prizes for all the winners.

The January challenge will start tomorrow, I hope it will be a success too!

White Christmas Recipe Challenge


Thank you! par Simona le Monday 09/01/2012 à 23:06

I am delighted to read that my recipe was chosen by the judges: what an honor!

White Christmas Challenge par Anonyme le Wednesday 11/01/2012 à 15:34

 Oh, what a great experience I had in this competition. Never expected to win anything when I submitted my entry. I only opened this Food Blog in Sep 2011, only started to cook seriously after opening the blog, so I treated this competition as a challenge.  Never expected my Gingerbread Boxes have given me some real magic in real life! Still can't believe that I have won! Thank you to all the judges! Congratulations to all other winners as well!

Congratulations! par Cheoy Lee le Wednesday 18/01/2012 à 13:13

 Well-deserved - and what a creative competiton to begin with! I like all the entries - would eat them al!