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The big list of food blogs is now a HUGE list, with more than 10000 food blogs, ranked by popularity amongst other food bloggers. 11260 active food blogs in June 2011, that's a lot of very good recipes to discover!

What do you think of the blogs at the top of the list? They are arguably the best and greatest food blogs. At least they are the most popular food blogs written in English. But have you tried picking a random page and checking out the food blogs that have titles that seem interesting? There are a lof of great food bloggers that are not (yet) known that are real gems too!

There is now a form on every page of the list to check the ranking of your own food blog. If you don't find it, let me know. The best way to be sure to be on the list is to submit your blog on Very Good Recipes. Those are the ones I start from to find all the other ones.


Cakebaker35 par 6917 le Saturday 24/12/2011 à 19:07

Hello to who it may concern

I have a few questions about my blog ranking.. My blog is

1. I thought I had more recommendations, than just the 3 blogs sites. I am listed on Better Recipes blog site, here is the link
My blog ranking is number 6917 on your site.
2. What the Twitter name on the end mean? @robertirvine1 Does this mean he tweeted my blog site? I checked back through his tweets and couldn't find anything about it. Maybe I go back further on the tweets and just see if I could find anything..
Thank you! :)
Amanda J. Bowyer

Re: Cakebaker35 par stephane le Monday 26/12/2011 à 18:21

Hi Amanda,

My robot only visits the home page of each blog, so it doesn't count links that are on other pages.

For the twitter name, the robot assumes that if the home page of a blog links to a twitter profile, then it belongs to the blog. It is not always true unfortunately.



Re: Cakebaker35 par 6917 le Monday 26/12/2011 à 21:22

OK that's weird Better Recipes is a blog site, she does have alot more to the the site, could that be why your robot doesn't pick it up?
About the Twitter thing I am more confused than before, lol!!!

Also I wanted to ask you does your email work anymore? I tried to send this all to by email but it came back to me..