Happy Dance!

Par stephane • Actualités • Tuesday 24/05/2011 • 4 commentaires • Version imprimable

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The first blog to write about my BIG list of food blogs is Snellville Recipes:

I can't believe it, I can't believe it!!!

I'm recipe blog #5320 on verygoodrecipes.com!!!!!  I know that being five thousand, three hundred nineteen would be better, but I can't believe I'm even recognized on another site!  *doing a little happy dance*
Hey, I feel like doing a little happy dance too! :)


:) par Austin le Tuesday 24/05/2011 à 21:48

We'll just have to happy dance together!  Aussi, j'aime ton site car il y a des recettes en français aussi.  :)  Je vivais en Québec (Montréal et QC) pour 18 mois.  :)  D'ou viens-toi? 

Re: :) par stephane le Tuesday 24/05/2011 à 22:33

J'ai un autre site avec plein de recettes en français (plus de 20000 recettes de 300 blogs francophones :-).

J'habite à côté de Paris. I also lived for 5 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, and for 4 months close to Dallas in Texas. That's where I developed an addiction to Mexican food!

Where are you from?

By the way if you want you can list your recipes on Very Good Recipes. All you have to do is to fill this: http://verygoodrecipes.com/cgi/blog.pl

Re: :) par Austin le Thursday 02/06/2011 à 05:12

I tried to put my blog in, but I messed up with the RSS feed--is there  aplace I can fix this?  :)

Re: :) par stephane le Thursday 02/06/2011 à 11:46

 Actually I'm the one who messed up, there was a bug in the registration form, and I didn't see your registration until today. :-( It's fixed now, your recipes are now listed here : http://verygoodrecipes.com/snellville-recipes

I'll send you more info by email. :)

Thanks a lot for submiting your blog !