White Christmas Recipe Challenge

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I'm very happy to present you the White Christmas Challenge, the very first recipe challenge organized on Very Good Recipes. I have organized similar challenges on Recettes de Cuisine (the French version of the site) for the last 12 months, and they have been a source of a lot of fun and creativity!

White Christmas

The theme for this challenge has been chosen by 9 food bloggers from around the world who will the judges of the challenge:

I'm starting to organize the next challenge for January. If you would like to be one of the judges, just let me know : stephane@verygoodrecipes.com

To participate, you need to publish a "White Christmas" recipe (think snow!) on your blog with a link to the challenge page: White Christmas Challenge. You will also find all the details, rules, prizes etc. on the challenge page.

Speaking of prizes, we are lucky to have a great sponsor for this challenge: Savory Spice Shop. Savory Spice Shop sells a very wide variety of fresh spices, and they also have a staggering number of 140 spice blends (their own recipes). They will offer one $75 gift voucher, one $50 voucher and 3 $30 vouchers to the winners of the challenge. :-)

Thanks a lot to the judges and our generous sponsor for making this challenge possible!

I hope that you will like this challenge and that many of you will participate and share their idea for a White Christmas recipe!